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The North Jersey Special Education Administrators’ Association (NJSEAA) proudly sponsors the annual Stephen Gold Scholarship.

Stephen Gold, known to many as "Mr. Pascack Valley High School", died shortly before beginning his college career at Ramapo College in 1998. A hard working student, he became involved in many co-curricular activities including becoming the business manager of the yearbook senior year. He did all of these activities while using a wheelchair due to Muscular Dystrophy. However, this never defined Stephen.  In the Spring of his senior year, he attended Ramapo College as a part-time student. Stephen was never able to attend as a full time student, as he died the weekend before classes were to begin.

The recipients of the Stephen Gold Scholarship exemplify the 'can do' forward thinking attitude that Stephen exuded, including:

  •          Motivation to succeed academically;
  •          Participation in school and extracurricular activities;
  •          Community Service including volunteering;
  •          Employment experiences;
  •          Self Directed; and
  •          Leadership skills.

NJSEAA Members may sponsor graduating high school students who are classified as eligible for special education services, and who are pursuing any post-secondary educational program.  These scholarships may be used for any aspect of a post-secondary program, including 2 or 4-year colleges, technical/trade schools, business schools, fine art institutes or other recognized post secondary institutions.    

The Application for the 2023 Scholarship is attached.   
The due date is April 28, 2023 by 3:30pm.

Stephen Gold Scholarship: Invitation and Instructions 2023

2023 Handwritten Stephen Gold Scholarship Application

2023 Stephen Gold Scholarship Application: Active Text/Online Version 

2023 Stephen Gold Scholarship Application:  Community Based Opportunities/Life Skills 



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